Introducing the Ride Board for our 50th Reunion!

One of our reunion goals is to minimize our environmental footprint. Transportation to and from reunion is a major contributor to our carbon emissions. Another stated goal is to build community among our classmates. We hope this Ride Board will support both!

Everyone who registers for our 50th Reunion will receive an email invitation to view and add to the ride board. The ride board will be accessible only via the email invitation and not from the class website. This is to preserve your privacy so that only our Smith classmates who have registered and have been invited can see the ride board.

The ride board invitation includes a Google Form that will allow you to:

  • View rides that have already been offered or requested. If you see an offer or request that meets your needs, contact that person by the email listed. This ride board does not automatically match riders and passengers.
  • Offer or request a ride by entering information on the form (your contact info, starting from, going to, date, etc). The form will automatically update the spreadsheet to include your ride offer/request. Please note: for a round trip, please enter each leg of the trip separately (i.e. Going To Smith College and Starting from Smith College). After you submit your offer/request, you will receive a confirmation email. Keep the confirmation email because you will need it to update your offer/request.
  • Update your offer/request. If your ride offer/request is fulfilled (or you wish to withdraw your offer/request), go back to your confirmation email and click “Edit your response”. It will take you back to your ride submission where you can change the question “Offer/request still open?” from Yes to No.

If you have any questions, contact Lizanne Payne at