In Memory of Our 1974 Classmates

Sadly, the following members of our class have passed away.

Wynne Jillson Abrams (2022)

Nancy Allison (1997)

Betsy Anderson (2016)

Leslie Howard Andersen (2023)

Pamela Armstrong (2000)

Donna Hansen Bailey (2009)

Katherine Ballard (1992)

Priscilla Gentry Beckman (2008)

Pamela M. Brill (2019)

Jane Brandt Bulbin (2021)

Roseanne Callerame Burrowes (2003)

Linda Shepherd Cage (2020)

Teresa Gillius Campbell (2013)

Marie Chow (2019)

Beth Kuhn Clark (2004)

Christine Vanasse Coleman (2010)

Lyn Judge Corbett (1995)

Nancy Stewart Costa (2004)

Sarah Crampton (2001)

Anjanette Edwards (2020)

Cynthia Williams Elkins (1988)

Diane Trefethen Finch (2009)

Joan Forrest (2013)

Marilyn Mascho Fuller (1980)

Mary Beth Daves Garcia (2018)

Lynn Garten (2022)

Martha Gray (1999)

Barbara Chaloux Guelff (2006)

Cynthia Jenks Johnson (2011)

Kathy Monson Kaiser (2013)

Kathleen Lee (1977)

Theresa Lewis (2006)

Barbara Liskin (1994)

Deborah Livesey (2017)

Janice Jeffers-Long (2023)

Margot Louis (2007)

Pamela Lucarelli (1975)

Jane Majeski (2020)

Lela Male (2022)

Kathleen McCarthy (1984)

Sue McLafferty (2017)

Mary McCusker McLoughney (2014)

Elaine Ghrist Moore (2014)

Barbara Shapleigh Murphy (2014)

Kathleen O’Connell (1998)

Justyne Ann Omasta (1987)

Jacquelne Rene Ponder (1982)

Mary Quindlen (2011)

Carol Rengstorff (2002)

Susan Jeryl Robinson (2019)

Nancy Schwartz (2009)

Beatrice Speir (2014)

Margaret-Mary Stuart (2005)

Anna Shubik Sweeney (2021)

Sandra Vivian (2009)

Andrea Werner (1981)


Your Reunion Chairs have planned a class memorial service with music, readings, and remembrances which will be held during our 50th Reunion weekend.  Reunion is a special time to remember friends no longer with us.  Whether you are a regular donor or not, please consider an additional gift in memory of a classmate.  During reunions, the absence of our missing classmates is heightened. Memorial gifts bring them back, forming an important part of our class reunion gift to Smith.